Saturday, January 26, 2013



Hey hey! Happy Australia Day!

I figured the one opportunity I have of WiFi since I've been in Tasmania (it's been a week now) I should do an update!

I have only a few days left here until I had back to Sydney for a few days but this past week of Tassie has been filled with so many unexpected and awesome experiences. So many great mountains, beaches and animal spotting! 

In the limited ten days spent here we're able to drive around quite a bit - of couse some things have been left out but so far I'm more than satisfied with what I have been able to see!

My instagram can't get enough of everything! These 3 photos are only a sampling, if you're wanting to see more add me @pilgrimmemoirs 

For the moment, and probably the next couple months, that will probably be the most active in documenting my travels... soooo hop on it ;)

Anyway, I think the road is calling. Cheers! 
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