Monday, April 22, 2013


I'm officially out of exciting things to do. 

I have no travels going on, my best friend's wedding just happened, started looking for jobs and am living off plasma "donation" money. 

Badass, I know.
Hence why I guess I'm returning to this old thing. 

Coincidently almost exactly a year ago I started my Instagram, which really has been the only active form of public social networking I've kept up with for the past year. 

So while I currently have nothing terribly exciting going on, other than it being late April and the midwest is still getting hit with snow, I want to enlighten you all of the crazy (and much warmer) life I was living exactly one year ago.

My first photos started off with celebrating a good friend's birthday, of course in typical Vivi fashion; with a bottle of rosé at "our" bar.

I was into the first month of studying at UTS and moving into my own room. Fortunately my endless hours of searching for accommodation paid off with a gorgeous room in Sydney's eastern suburbs- which basically have the best beaches closest to the city.

This became "my" beach.
Not only is it one of the best for snorkeling in around Sydney, but it was the closest to me and one of the lesser crowded. Win, win aaaand top it off with another win!

Thanks to that initial international cocktail party held by UTS, we had a legendary group going on. We went out several nights of the week, and would always end it our favorite 24 hour cafe.

Then there was hanging out with this guy. One of those international cocktail party folks that I became acquainted with and ened up becoming a little something more. It was not unusual for us to wander Sydney at ungodly hours, nearly falling asleep on benches.

That all happened in the first half of April of last year.
I'm assuming, seeing the trend of #TBT, I'll probably continue this as a series held on Thursday- because that would make the most sense and I'll probably feel more inclined to do it!

So I'll continue this Thursday with everything that was happening this week last year.
Cool? Cool.


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