Friday, May 17, 2013

#packingmybags #again

Upon my return to Wisconsin in March I had full intention to spend awhile at home, and in a way I kind of, sort of still am, only now I am actually going to be spending all of summer five hours away.

That's still close enough to be considered home, right? 

I just very recently have accepted a position in the tiniest of towns in Northwestern Wisconsin working in the office of a kayak tour company that paddles around the apostole islands of Lake Superior. 

 (taken on a trip in February paddling Lake Taupo in New Zealand)

This is awesome for many reasons, 

I get to use the heck out those kayaks whenevah I want, which you know will be pretty much anytime I'm not working.

It's a full-time position, decent pay, with discount accommodation in a boarding house with fellow workmates.  Basically a summer getting to know a bunch of fun, cool people. 

It's also in a tiny, secluded town where I don't think I'll even have much opportunity to spend the money I will be making. Can we say saving up for the next international expedition? I think we can.

(From September in Cairns)

Mind you I tend to over-fantasize, but I still think it'll be pretty 'effing awesome and I can't contain my excitement!


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