Monday, May 13, 2013


I have put off tacking the 2,000+ photos I took on my trip to Melbourne for over a year now. 

I do occasionally go overboard.
This one was easily one of those times. 

Let's just say it was a very productive trip. However, I've been afraid to even go near that folder for the overwhelming feeling of sorting and editing through that many images. 

But Alas! I finally did it!

Let me just start with the biggest significance of this trip, it was the first major one that Torsten and I took together. It was when I discovered how great we travel together, me taking photos while he figures out the directions.

 I also probably did the most complaining on this trip because of his tendency to find the most obscure and sketchy "short-cuts".

I since have learned to stop, or rather minimize, my complaining because he is actually really good at finding alternative routes that lead to really amazing places that I usually end up loving. He actually ends up having to drag me away.

His specialties are finding paths within parks, gardens and random suburbs that give nice views of the city in the distance. 


The only downside to this trip?
Like we were warned, Melbourne has the tendency to go through all four seasons in a day. But with winter coming we had a lot more of the windy, rainy and, well, just rather miserable conditions for the time we spent in the city. This turned out not to be too horribly bad since there was always a tram, some place funky looking to hide out in or eat at...

Or y'know giant fireballs going off to huddle around.

While Melbourne was great, the must do side-trips of Philip Island and the Great Ocean Road were easily the highlights, both of which will soon make an appearance on the blog!


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