Thursday, May 23, 2013


Tonight Vivid Sydney made it's annual debut. 
While I am bummed to not be there this year, I have gone through the lot of photos I took last year to give you a glimpse of this stunning lights festival.

Sydney can kind of be a bummer when it comes to wintertime, it actually gets pretty cold and it rains. a lot. You can forget going to the beach if you don't have a wetsuit and there are very short days to actually enjoy even if you did.

Fortunately folks of the city realized this and have made use of the longer nights with a truly spectacular festival of lights.  

Clever and creative light installations blanket the city's most visited and iconic areas, most notably Circular Quay and The Rocks where, you guess it, the Harbor Bridge and Opera House shine in full glory.

 Some of the installations are as huge projections draping the Sydney Opera house and others are just lighted wings attached to a bike that move as you pedal or a tunnel of lights. But not matter the scale, majority of them are incredibly engaging, interactive, informative or just plain cool. 

It's everything a great contemporary arts festival should be. 

This is also a really good opportunity to practice your bokeh photograph, I'm really kicking myself over not trying out a shape filter (like these)! 

It's a fairly long festival,  this year it is going until June 10th. If you have any chance to make it to Sydney in the next couple weeks, do it! Everything is displayed in public places, making the festival 100% free to enjoy. There are rarely many chances to enjoy something in Sydney for free, so I highly recommend you take advantage of that! I've even heard word that this year it's even bigger and better, spreading itself over to Darling Harbour. 

And, lastly, do not let rain stop you from going. I can guarantee you it will be significantly less busy and soooo much more alluring with all the lights dancing in the puddles. 
It's amazing, really. 


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