Monday, August 12, 2013

#LongIsland #FullMoon #Cruise


There are nights you remember the summer by.
They typically revolve around the most gorgeous sunsets you'd swear you've ever seen, with some of the most amazing humans you know and a fire so large you can focus your eyes on anything else other than it's glow while shenanigans are happening in the distance.

The week stated out with a sign on the kitchen screen door advertising a full-moon cruise to one of the islands with eats and spirits-a-plenty. 
More than enough to reason to go.

The day arrived and a larger than expect crowd gathered outside the corner of the Bayfield Inn while we waited anxiously for “our captain” to arrive. After waiting for awhile, about three full drinks worth (not that I was counting), numbers started to slowly dwindle. The rest of us just gathered on the rooftop bar overlooking superior for drinks and a dip into the snacks, basically preparing for the worst and making ourselves comfortable.

Eventually we were given word that everything was ready at the pier to load ourselves and our belongings, which consisted mostly of beer, food and musical instruments. On arrival to the pier, all of our illusions of the cruise were shattered as we thought there'd be this big huge yacht like thing waiting for us outside.
Instead we were given three little fishing boats.
The numbers dwindled yet again.

The rest of us, already buzzing, were still stoked to be going on a boat so we loaded and set off for long island*. The sun was starting to set over the lake, the islands with Bayfield disappearing in the distance. While loading, it may have seemed sketchy at first, but I think we all knew we were making the right decision. Or at least there are worse ways to go down than with boats filled with beer and good company. 

As our boat approached the shore of Long Island we watched as the others arrived, unloading and starting a ferocious fire in what seemed like a snap of a finger. We rolled up our pants and waded to shore. It didn't take long before everyone had a beer in hand and music started being played.

We had landed just in time to watch the most spectacular sunset, where the full moon was already shinning bright, rising over the horizon. During the last rays of sunlight, a group of us followed the beach towards the bright glow of the moon. We went as far as the beach went, sitting next to the breakwater. Contemplating life, or whatever, I'm sure. 

We hung out in our quiet corner for a while. As we headed back we joined the others and all sat around the fire. It didn't seem like long before we were staring to gather everything up to head back to Bayfield. 

As we approached the bright lights of Bayfield, the party didn't end. With the most prime location in town, and a balcony overlooking the bay, our place was the natural choice to continue the night's festivities. 

 I'm not totally sure what time we started winding down, but whatever few hours of sleep I was able to log I still woke up with the sun at 6 AM, escaping a hangover and with enough energy to last at least half of the day at work. 

*Long island is not technically an island anymore since it has connected the mainland 30 years ago, now making it a peninsula. 

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