Saturday, November 16, 2013

A day in Chicago for 99c

While Torsten and I were in Chicago, we stayed at a pretty great hostel. We had our own room, it included a decent breakfast,we managed to find a free parking spot to leave the car for the few days we were there and(!) it was just a short trot from the northern bit of Lincoln Park.

 Located a smidge north of downtown and along Lake Michigan's coastline, it is easy to spend a whole day wandering around this suburban park, and the best part? Just about everything within this lush entanglement of trails is FREE. Yep, the zoo, conservatories, gardens and of course those stunning views of the Lake Michigan and Chi-town's skyline. 

 Being late August, it felt like we had the park to ourselves on one of the last summer-feeling days of the year. It was warm, relaxing, entertaining and the only thing we spent money on was a 99c can of Torsten's favorite Arizona tea. We gulped that sucker down laying on the grass, hearing the waves of the lake crash to the left and towering buildings ahead.

99c by day, $10 by night

Later that night our hostel even gave us free entry into the Kingston Mine's blues club. Even on a Wednesday night the club was alive with a full crowd, and the blues rolled late into the night. Though we didn't really have the intention of staying too long or drinking, a bucket of Old Styles and Miller High Life's quickly changed that.

For one of the cheapest days you could possibly spend in Chicago, you really can't go wrong with Lincoln Park and it's bountiful, nearby offerings.

The Must Do's 
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