Monday, November 11, 2013

Taking a Break

  Torsten in Indianapolis, USA / Cathedral in Bremen, Germany

While there is still plenty of 2013 left, the last couple months will be spent laying-low after an amazing, travel-packed year. In fact, much of 2014 will be most likely spent rooted in my hometown as I save and research future endeavors. My Skype sessions with Torsten are filled with some really wonderful ideas that we get verrry giddy about discussing, all plans are rough, but it is still fun to dream of the possibilities!

Walking through Bremen, Germany / Hancock view of Chicago, USA / Island cruise from Bayfield, USA

During this time, I am also going back and finally organizing the hoards of photos I've accumulated this year between all my trips (Tasmania, New Zealand, Hawaii, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Apostle Islands and of course my recent trip around the Great Lakes, just in case you're new here).  I have some ideas floating around in my head of what I can do with some of the better photos other than showing them off online.

Hobbiton in New Zealand / A wallaby in Tasmania, Australia

So while I may not have any major travels coming anytime soon, I at least get to reminisce over the thousands of photos from trips past. I think this break from bumming around the globe will be a good time to channel all those inspiring moments into actually creating something. And of course you guys will be the first to hear about it ;)

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