Friday, November 22, 2013

Doing it Right // The Bean

It's big, it's shiny, it's the ultimate selfie machine and technically it's not even really called 'The Bean'. It is Chicago's most iconic tourist magnet, luring folks from all corners of the world to stare not only at themselves, but also strangers, apologetically. It is Anish Kapoor's biggest contribution to the Chi-town. It is Cloud Gate.  

What really attracts me to oversized fun mirror is that is is the most ideal people watching prop. Really, as a self-confessed people-creeper, this structure is the crème de la crème. Walk inside and your have full, 360 views of tourists doing all sorts of bat-shit crazy poses. People really get into taking photos of themselves here, just imagine hoards of already snap-happy tourists with a distorted view of themselves with an amazing skyline. And yes, Torsten and I were a couple of those tourists. Those photos are hidden away in a heavily guarded folder. 

Have you been to the 'the bean'? What's your favorite, quirky city icon? 

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