Friday, May 7, 2010

Smokey Cat?

Last Friday I was pretty much stuck at home by myself all night, except when this fine looking gentleman came to visit.  I was making dinner and heard this little feller meowing like crazy, I opened the door and petted him for a while. I had no idea how he got in the front yard considering we have a pretty tall fence, taller than what I've ever seen a cat be able to jump. He wouldn't come inside the house, but he wouldn't leave the yard until I opened the gate for him. I still have no idea how he would have gotten in, but I'm pretty sure he was trapped in. He was pretty great company though! Later that night I told Jo Smoky had stopped by, Smokey was his cat that looked similar and by similar I mean gray. 

Tomorrow Jo and I are going to Movie World, which sound exactly like a Six Flags. It's all Warner Bros themed and looked super cool. I'm pretty excited to spend all day ridding coasters!

So look out for a new blog to come out within the next couple days...if you're lucky ;)
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