Friday, May 28, 2010

Homeward Bound

It HAS been a WHILE since MY last post, MOSTLY due TO my keyboard that HAS been glitching OUT quite a bit, AS I'm SURE YOU can tell. The RANDOMLY capitalizing WORDS is JUST part of IT!  I'm HOPING to GET it FIXED soon after I get HOME, AND by HOME, I MEAN Wisconsin HOME... please BEAR with it FOR now!

OH yeah, DID I FORGET to MENTION, I'm currently aT a HOTEL in LA, JUST hours FROM boarding my LAST flight OF my JOURNEY to MILWAUKEE, WHERE I WILL be GREETED by MY mother AND cousin :)

THIS is MY first TIME doing THIS sort of INTERNATIONAL traveling by MY lonesome, AND I'll ADMIT I WAS most FREAKED out ABOUT having to deal WITH LA BY myself! BUT, it'S actually GONE VERY smoothly SINCE I GOT here, EVERYBODY was SUPER helpful AND nice AT the AIRPORT (EVEN customs!). 

STILL, being back IN THE US IS very bittersweet. I am MISSING Australia UNBELIEVABILITY! When I WAS on MY flight GOING over THE pacific OCEAN, AND I SAW the BIG screen flash WHAT time IT was IN AUSTRALIA, i COULD only THINK of WHAT I WOULD HAVE been DOING or WHAT Jo WAS doing. It WAS actually QUITE sad AND I'm sURE I LOOKED liKE a FOOL everytime I got TEARY-EYED when I LOOKED at THE map.

I HAD a VERY nice LAST day WITH Jo THOUGH, he EVEN took ME to SEE the RON MUECK show! PHOTOS of THAT will BE coming soon :)

I'm EXTREMELY excited TO go HOME and SEE everybody, THAT was THE only tHING I DID not like ABOUT Australia; THE distance IT put BETWEEN me aND everybody, BESIDES Jo, THAT I KNOW. 

I EVEN HAVE a JOB already LINED up FOR me WHEN I GET back, and THAT I START almost IMMEDIATELY!  I'm pRETTY excited, it's JUST a LITTLE ice CREAM/coffee SHOP, BUT it PRETTY much WHERE I ALWAYS waste MY time WHENever I'M home. I'm REALLY surprised I never GOT a JOB there BEFORE.  But IT was COOL that THE bosses put me ON THE schedule before EVEN meeting mE!  MIND you, I did HAVE 'connections ;) 

I'm ALSO hoping that I can find TIME volunteering at A zoo JUST outside GREEN Bay. I'VE been wanting to SINCE I WAS like 12, and I'm pRETTY sure THIS will BE one of THE very few OPPORTUNITIES I'LL have TO DO so!

Anyhoo, I'LL keep Y'ALL posted ON my summerTIME happenings!  Adios!
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