Friday, May 14, 2010

Ron Muek is in town!

Yesterday, while I tagged along on a late night Maccas run, I noticed the most exciting ad on the side of a bus stop!  It was informing all the great people of Brisbane that Ron Mueck is in town, or at least his pieces are...

He is a brilliant hyper-realist sculptors who is really amazing and  famous... in the art world at least. I've known of him for at least a year; I even dedicated a page of my 3-D scetchbook to him my first semester at MCAD!

While I was researching where to go and find his exhibit, I discovered he was Australian! I remember reading he worked in the UK, but I completely forgot he was from Oz! Just a little useless fact for you!

But I found out his work is being displayed at the Queensland Art Gallery, which I have yet to visit! I've gone past it on multiple occasions whenever I go to the city. Maybe this will be my motivation to visit before I leave!  I believe the museum itself is free to enter, or I'm really bad a spotting a price on their website.

But the Ron Mueck gallery, for sure, has a charge of $12, which is a bummer seeing as money will be tight these next couple weeks. I'm really starting to wish I didn't lose my student ID! For students it's only $6!

This is still EXTREMELY exciting though! I'm even willing to cut back on the ice cream and Tim Tam expenses to go!
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