Monday, July 26, 2010

Donny Senior pics

About a month ago I took these senior photos for a brother of a good friend. And I can honestly say this has been my first and potentially the only photo shoot where I end up ankle deep in cow manure. No lie. I was honestly going to wear flip flops that day, fortunately his mom called me and forewarned me.

I must rather prefer on location fun photo shoots where the person feels comfortable, as opposed to studios. I find the photos have ALOT more personality and the person is more at ease, which definitely shows. Especially to those who aren't as photogenic. And growing up around farms I had no problem with the cows licking me, climbing machinery or just the dairy air of it all!
I also get a HUGE kick out of these traditional senior picture poses but in this cow yard. When I was in high school I was so sick of seeing all the same backgrounds because everyone went to the same three portrait studios in the area.
We took the photos on the farm he worked at, which he must love because he even wanted a group photo with the guys he works with. It was a really sweet gig that I'm glad I was offered. It definitely was one of the best photo shoots I've had to date!
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