Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Movie World, aka Hollywood on the Gold Coast

Since we now have unlimited access into some of the 3 greatest parks in Australia, we decided to hit Movie World before spending the rest of the weekend with Jo's Mum for mothers day. 

Before I went I was expecting it to be a lot like Six Flags in America, being Warner Bros themed and all. It really didn't take too long before I realized how wrong I was! although there weren't as many rides as Six Flags, I was extremely impressed with how well everything was set up. All the rides and attractions made you really feel like you were experiencing something grand, like being in this scene of the movie or part of a catastrophe. It really set an awesome mood! And all the rides we went on were very impressive and thrilling!  This park definitely made it to the top of my amusement park list!

As soon as we passed the gates we went to the Batman rides, we didn't even wait to pick up a map!
We first went on this simulated ride that was alright, I think it must have been way cooler back in Jo's day ;)  It was neat, and my first time on a simulated ride, but I prefer some real action!
But then we went on the Batwing, which was different than any other tower like this that I've been on. Instead of having one big intense drop, this one had a one big intense rise. It shot you up super fast in the air which was a REALLY weird feeling but was really awesome. It even made my heart race for a bit even after I got off!

Then, without much hesitation, we got in line for Superman. Probably the longest we had to wait in line, which i think was really only about 30-40 minutes, but it was well worth it!  This ride is everything I look for in a Roller Coaster; it was FAST! And right from the start... pretty much. It did have this slower buildup scene making it seem like you were on the subway that had just crashed and superman was saving. But when the real ride bit did start, it shot you super fast up that bit that's in the photo and never really slowed down. Jo & I had a hard time keeping our eyes open from the sheer speed of it!

We decided to take a break from the rides and find some grub since our breakfast consisted of a banana and twix split between the two of us...

But got distracted when we noticed a Shrek 4D show was about to start!  It was my first time seeing a 4D movie, and being Shrek was a plus!  Fortunately it was spun off the first one, which in both my and Jo's opinion is, without a doubt, the best!

After Shrek we got distracted some more by a few shops, and I got all giddy when I saw this Harry Potter one. But the excitement quickly faded as I went inside and there really wasn't much HP merchandise, in fact, I've seen more at Kmart.  Most of it was basic magic/wizard nonsense.

Then we had one last distraction before finding some grub, and that was a penny press! Even though every penny press he costs $2, we continue adding to our collection!

Jo and I split up for food since we had very different appetites, and after I got my cottage pie and was waiting for him I had to watch this girl have a super cool birthday party and get hugs and photos taken with Tweety. Seeing as I never got one of these, I found her undeserving. 

Jo finally met back up with me and distracted me with his mundo-burger-chud meal. We both were very impressed with the generous serving size of this theme park meal, mind you, it did come with the them park food price. But it actually had three very big patties, of which tasted very nice and heaping serving of chips. Even Jo had trouble finishing it! Which is pretty amazing if you have any idea how big his appetite is. 

Jo's meal even came with a free batman mask! I tried taking a photo with him, but he was all grumpy since I missed a photo op of Batman riding on his batmobile.

After Jo managed to finish off his chud-galore meal we swung by the Wild West Falls, which was more of a ghost town since just about every bit in that section is seasonal. 

The Log Chute ride was still open though, and with absolutly NO line! We did get wet, but nothing we, or at least Jo couldn't handle. If the sun wasn't on me I was cold! Yeah, after such a brutal Aussie summer my body isn't handling cold so well like it use to!

We figured we should give Scooby-Doo a go, even though we were both pretty sure it was going to be some lame family ride. While we were in line something had went wrong and hesitated to wait, but fortunately we did, because our prediction was very wrong. The ride consisted of those small little carnival like four seater cars which convinced us while we were in line that this ride was going to be very tame, and it was in the beginning.  But then our car went up this elevator shaft bit and while unloading it we were shot, BACKWARDS, down a steep hill and sent through a series of zig-zags that felt like you were sure to fall off the tracks at any moment, which was really creepy seeing as you were inside this foggy, dim-lit building and a fair distance off the ground!  This ride was definitely an unexpected thrill!

There was a Willy Wonka Candy store that we decided to peek in. Most of it was over-priced American candy that I laughed at, but then became the sucker when I saw these $5 wonka bars and got one. Hey, they even rare in America!  I had to get it :P

While we were in line for Superman, I think it was , Jo was telling me about Lethal Weapon and how it's all cool and your feet dangle and whatnot. Well, whatever he said got me all excited so after munching on some wonka bar we wandered through China Town to get in line. Only, once we got entrance we saw a polite little note stating it was closed and under renovations :(   It was very disappointing.... I don't like to talk about it.

We hit a few more rides in the kids area, which were still midly amusing, but apparently not photo worthy, because I didn't even think to take photos of them! Oops! Anyhoo, then Jo and I got ourselves situated to see the parade and hopefully to get that shot of batman that I missed before.  I'm pretty sure that was the only reason we watched the parade, so Jo could have that photo!

Okay, now look closely at the Flash's butt...  he has muscle enhancing butt pads ;)

I'll spare you all the other photos of the parade to present you the one and only Batman and his Batmobile! After the parade ended Jo and I split up for a bit so he could take some photos, and I wanted to have another go on Superman. Pretty much right as I got to the line I saw everybody leaving, apparently they had a power outage and weren't sure when it'd be back up. I decided to wait in that line anyway since I was waiting for Jo, and while in line they had another one, which pretty much killed my dreams of a second ride :(

We didn't really do much after that, just wandered and got a few gifts and souvenirs. All-in-all it was a really awesome way to spend a Saturday. One thing I really loved about Movie World was that I never really knew what to expect when going on some of the rides and attractions, which made it all the more fun!

Now we only have Wet'n'Wild to go with our passes, and I'm mundo excited for that one! Only for the sheer fact that they have the exact same ride there as one at the Mall of America that I operated, which was also by far my favorite. I'd even sneak rides while I was suppose to be working :P

Anyhoo, as in the wise works of Porky the Pig;

"That's all folks!"
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