Thursday, July 29, 2010

Highway 1 book drawings

A few months ago I agreed, with Jo's dad, to make a few drawings for a book he's making on Australia's Highway 1.  And by a few drawings, I mean about one to two hundred! My poor tablet is going to be worn out by the end of this project!

But just to spare you folks, I'm going to only put my very favorites that I've done so far, which, comparatively, isn't very much. But I really enjoy drawing the buildings most, like this one. You really start to notice how complex some buildings really are when you have to draw every detail! You wouldn't believe it, but this place is a post office!

I really admire what he is doing though, he took his long-term leave that he received for working with his company for 10 years and organized this trip all along the east coast of Australia.

 He purposely avoided the newer, faster highways and stuck to the old route, exploring the small towns gems along the way.  This is definitely one of them to me, you have no idea how much I want to dine in this windmill building now! I think a Highway 1 road trip with Jo is in our future, with his dad's book guiding us!

While the book is still in the works, you can visit the website, Definitely worth a visit if you have any thought of traveling to Australia, which I highly recommend doing, this country is way too amazing to pass up!

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