Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sony Xperia X10 Viral Videos

Yesterday I came across this clever viral ad campaign for Sony's new Xperia X10 with the brilliant Android technology! Each clip basically has a stereotype that we tend to associate as not being the sharpest tools in the shed, especially when it comes to technology. The Xperia is tested by the stereotypes against other popular smart phones to prove this phone is so easy even a caveman can use it.... oh wait, different camaign.

Not only are the videos humorous but they definitely show off some great perks of the phone that really makes me want to play with one now!

This is my very favorite one!

GAH! So funny I can't get enough of the seniors! 
And you should definitely check out the other groups they used, I believe there are six total. I've found they are great when you are trying to avoid something you don't want to do, example your FAFSA...

FYI, you might be hit up with some more ad related posts. I figure as an aspiring advertiser I should keep up with these fiddlywinks.
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