Friday, December 10, 2010

Is it wrong that I hate this weather?

DECEMBER FIRST MARKED THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER HERE IN AUSTRLIA, the days are lasting longer and yesterday the school kids started their summer break. And with all those things so comes the heat. Yesterday marked the first night that I could not sleep with any sort of blanket or sheet on me (at first). Jo fortunately brought up a fan and later in the night it finally dropped down to a comfortable temperature. What can I say, I like a good cuddle. Jo often gets jealous how much affection our comforter gets...

Sidenote: I just did the mistake of tying in "Australia hot" in google images to find a photo to put in this blog and regretted that instantly when I saw the results. So many thongs... and not the kind you wear on your little footsies.

But really, I hate how hot it is getting here. Everytime I try to eat lunch my stomach gets queasy and the only way to settle its ass down is with an L& P. Trust me, it's more of just an excuse to guzzle down this ridiculously delicious drink from New Zealand. In the words of a Kiwi himself, "it is New Zealand's best export". I don't think he was lying. This is some good shit. 

Aside from my lunch being ruined I can not walk outside without busting out in a hot sweaty mess. It takes me about half an hour to walk to work and by the time I get there I take the long way around the centre in hopes of reducing the amount of sweat dripping off my face in the air conditioning.

 I got off of at 2:30 today excited that I would have plenty of time to fetch my bike I had to bring in to replace a part due to a safety recall...3 weeks ago. But by the time I got home to change, I really didn't want to face the sun again. I locked myself in the dungeon of my room with fans on high and have been since. 

BTW, be jealous, tonight I am eating the leftovers of the best frozen pizza in existence. Trust me, it's so good that I am willing to pay the whopping six dollars for its thin crust deliciousness. And it's imported all the way from Germany. THAT is how good this pizza is. 

Sidenote: It even came up instantly when I typed in "German frozen pizza" in google images!

And damn, I just over-cooked it in the microwave writing this. FML. It's time to get a life.
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