Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Helllllllloooo Wisconsin!

I'm officially back home and already made a mess of it... 
At least it's from wrapping all the awesome presents I got got for my lovlies this year! Here was the pile of boxes I came home to;

And while I was opening all of them I realized one VERY important one that was missing. I don't know if you remember THIS post, but in it I'm bragging about the gift I got my dad and how proud I was to be getting it. Well THAT was the box that was missing. I frantically hoped on my computer to figure out what happened. I know I paid almost immediately after and had a date set of when I'd receive it. 

After much searching for answers I came across my default address set to my first year MCAD apartment. "Oh shiiiiiit" was my exact thoughts when I realized exactly how packages like that are handled there. They are set on top of the mailboxes where anyone could take it. And it had almost been a month since the expected deliver date

Since then I've called MCAD several times before 5pm and have only gotten voicemails. My records are still at MCAD, so if someone, like the RA, would have been responsible enough to notice that there is no Jamie pilgrim in the building and turned it over to the housing director or mailroom I'd at least hope they'd try and contact me. 

But my mom says she hasn't heard anything. 

I'm just reeeeeaaaalllly hoping someone didn't steal it. 

*sad face*

In other news the reaction I got my my lovely Sadie when she first saw me was priceless and uplifting. When she first realized it was me she made all sorts of cute little doggy whimpers followed with doggy kisses and since has refused to leave my side.

Then I found my bed covered in dog hair. Lately my parents have been letting her in the house and they never knew quite where she was sleeping... So for the last few nights she's slept in her nice queen sized bed while I'm stuck in the single. 

It's like she owns the place now. 

And now all my presents are wrapped and adorned with Christmas crackers
I got pathetically excited when I saw the crackers at shops in Australia. I had heard of them but never saw them anywhere in the U.S.

So I thought I'd be cool and bought way more than I needed...oops 

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