Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I wrote [most of this] while in LA...

I'm currently chilling out at my rather spacious and classy hotel room in L.A.  which totally makes up for the totally shit weather here today! It has been raining non-stop with brisk winds.
I guess there is no better excuse for some epic naps and catching up on tv shows. 

BTW, does anyone thing that The Office has been going down the toilet these last couple seasons?

Now, about my flights...
On my first flight from Brisbane to Sydney I had the whole row to myself. It was strange because the rest of the plane was packed! I didn't mind, it was the only flight of three this time around where I wasn't elbowed half the time. Oh! And I snagged this sweet photo where I saw the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Unfortunately Oprah didn't stand out as much..

The 12 hour flight was as exhausting and cramped as ever. I sat next to an Asian guy who couldn't keep his elbows in his own seat. And the only reason I pointed out that he was Asian is because he wasn't that big of a guy! I did watch all the summers blockbusters that I missed and managed to choke down the two meals. 

When I finally fell asleep on the long flight I was woken up to the pilot announcing Australia's defeat over England in Cricket. Did I ever mention how much I really dislike cricket? No? Well I do, and knowing I won't hear about it once while I'm in America is very relieving! 

After I landed and checked into my hotel I took a stroll to the nearby Taco Bell for my first meal on American soil. And it was as mundane and lackluster as always. I remember the quesadilla tasting better... but I did get all of this for $5.15. Much cheaper than anywhere in Oz. I mean look at the size of that drink! I ended up throwing half of it away.

Then for dinner I had Maccas...excuse me, McDonalds. And I ordered a Mocha because I was sooooo cold. I got a medium size forgetting I was in America and look how huge it was! Again, I threw a decent amount of it away.

 While I was eating I noticed these parking spots labeled "compact". I usually wouldn't consider a Honda Civic to be compact... but it managed to fit in just fine. I noticed the same sort of parking spots out of the window of my hotel room. I personally think L.A. is a little confused about what a compact car is. 

[Here is where I start to write in retrospect]

After I managed to fall asleep in the hotel I woke up at 5:30 in packed everything and headed for the Airport. There was a ton of traffic, more than usual, so I got the airport about an hour before my flight.  Which wasn't all that bad considering I was standing in line next to people who had been waiting for over 45 minutes. By the time we all got through check in and security we boarded immediately.

This flight I again was elbowed by a very trendy dad who was with his wife and baby. I was reading my sony ereader for a bit in between hopless naps. One time while I started dozing off the guy in the aisle next to me poked me and asked if he could look at my kindle. I was all "bitch, please. This is a sony!" Maybe not in those words, but he got the hint. 
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