Thursday, December 16, 2010


This past weekend in Wisconsin over a foot of snow has fallen and with that my anticipation of escaping the constant 70-80 degree temperatures has increased even more. I am daydreaming about sledding down the massive hill I live on, making snowmen with the nieces and nephews and, well, just not being sweaty.  

There are so many things I want to do while I'm back... 

So I thought I'd compile a list

1) Clean my rooms
Now you will understand once you see them, I'll be sure to take a before photo. All four years of high school I had the upstairs all to myself and in those years I'm pretty sure not a thing was thrown away. And on top of that all my college junk is added to that mix equating in whole lotta unnecessary shit. 

2) paint
Once said rooms are cleaned up and organized I plan on having one being made into a studio again where I can paint my little heart away. I'm so excited to finally be able to properly paint again and have the space to do it in. Now I'll just have to get inspired... Etsy time! 

3) Set up an Etsy
I'm not sure how active I'll be on it, but I've always wanted to set one up! Not quite sure what I'll specialize in yet either... hmm. But hey, it won't hurt to try and make a few bucks while I'm back!

4) Sell other Junk
For at least the next couple years I will be living on the other side of the world, and with that my motivation to finally depart from all those useless items clogging up my rooms will be given the boot. Whatever I can't sell on ebay, craigslist, or to whoever wants them will be given away to Goodwill. 

5) Build a website/ Buy a Domain
I've been meaning to do this for aaaaaages, and I think it's about time I start building a personal website to showcase my photos and other artistic ventures!

6) Have a Steak
When I'm home I have steak almost on a weekly basis thanks to my dad's farm hobby and those beautiful herefords in our backyard.  And with Steak I also plan on having lots of cheese curds, mac and cheese and my mama's meatloaf... because I've just been deprived of them for far too long!

7) Make a snow angel
And really anything else that involves snow; snow forts, snow balls, snowmen and then when I'm bored with that sledding will have to do! I'm sure I'll have my nieces and nephews will have no problems with helping me.

8) Give my Dog a bath
When I'm not not home, she's an outdoor dog. When I'm home she gets to bed my personal bed warmer and cuddle-bunny. Sadie is by far the best dog I've ever had and it saddens me that I cannot bring her with me every time I leave. But she is always forgiving and greets me with the big sloppy kisses when I get back. 

9) Reminece with High School Friends
I have to admit, through high school I have made some of the greatest friends I'll ever have. I even feel bad for constantly ditching them to do my selfish ordeals like travel and studying away from Green Bay. And when I meet up with them we alway reminisce about how awesome we were and then make some more equally awesome memories. This winter visit will be no exception!

10) Then get them to buy me booze
I am still not able to legally drink in my own country and won't be able to until a week after I go back to Australia. I am planning on having a house party to celebrate my 21st in which we'll just pretend that I'm legal... no biggie. 

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