Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, what a year, what a year, what a mighty good year!

This time last year I had just arrived in Australia and was experiencing it all for the first time. It was a great way to start 2010 although I didn't even last until midnight to see the turn of the year being so jet-lagged. But whatevs... at least I still got drunk, and legally! Gotta love a country who allows you to drink after you've turned 18!

As for the rest of the year, it didn't disappoint either as I have highlighted a few of most treasured 2010 memories just for you...

 I celebrated my birthday in summer
I celebrated my 20th birthday for the first time in temperatures that wouldn't give you frostbite within 5 minutes. I've always wanted a summer birthday to go camping, but it being in January and having lived only in Wisconsin and Minnesota, that was never going to be possible. So one year, while I'm in Australia, I am definitely going to make a camping trip for my birthday! I'll just have to watch out for the crocodiles...

I cuddled a koala and chilled with kangaroos
So that was probably what I was anticipating the most when I first when to Oz. Cliche, yes. But it was probably one of the coolest things I did there and I love looking back on the photos! My eleven year-old, Animal planet obsessed self would have been so jealous!

I started a 365 photo project... and failed
Now you'd think living in another country would create all sorts of new inspirations for photos and such, which is why I decided to start one. But No. I was still just working and being lazy at home majority of the time to continue the stream of extremely dull photographs I was taking. Trust me, the flickr stream was embarrassing enough without them.

The other day I went and made the compulsive order of a gorrilapod and remote for my Nikon slr. Which has me thinking of potentially starting another 360!? definitely want to be more interesting this year... which could lead to better and more inspiring photos. Hmm, I think i'll just leave you hanging in suspense... for like a day.

I stayed in a swanky hotel
The weekend we spent on the Gold Coast we stayed in the notorious Q1, never hear of it? Me neither until I stayed in it... BUT it was pretty sweet. It's like the worlds tallest residential building and even though we only stayed about half way up we had an amazing view of the coast!

I've board a plane a total of nine times
Two of those were to visit Jo in Vancouver and the rest were flights to and from Australia. 3 of those are the hefty 15-16 hour ones. I think I've become a pro at packing luggage so I can actually handle it and keeping myself sane during those long flights. And I can now be one of those jerks that insists on ignoring the air hosts as they go over the emergency information while I check out the newest Skymall. I'm that legit. 

I got accepted into QUT
That's Queensland University of Technology, and I could not be more excited. I have yet to really check out the campus, but I think just finishing my degree in Australia is going to be nothing less than awesome. And I cannot wait for 2011 to bring me that adventure!

I spent what could be my last time having an American summer for a while
And it was nothing but shitty, rainy weather. I was anticipated a lot that had to do nice warm weather and well... that didn't happen. Although I did get to stand up in one of my best friends' weddings, which in itself was definitely worth going back for. 

I know the Aussie slang
I have swatted a fair amount of  mozzies and made sure to keep my sunnies on me at all times! I'm now referring to vacations as holidays and for some reason I just feel a little more refined when I have the opportunity to tell someone who is being a wanker to piss off.  In American we'd tell those Jerk-offs to go fuck themselves... but really, how less cool does that sound?

I'm going to end it with the coolest pose the midwest has to offer
It's been rumored there is going to be 200 syringe style jello shots. How can one not be excited for that???

As for 2011?
This year all I want is to be able to survive living and studying in Australia by myself. I want to make friends, ones who will never let me have a dull moment. I want to go and have some great Aussie adventures like seeing how my uncoordinated self will do at surfing or even just boogie boarding. Most of all I'd like just not to end up broke and stranded with those dodgy Aussies.

Although I don't think that'd be so bad either...

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