Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a go!

And I'm already to a late start... But I am going to go through with an attempt at another 365 photo project! Woo. So here's the first one:

I think this is a nice depiction of that night; too many coronas, broken bottles, beer pong and over all just a little bit blurry. Huzzah.

As for the rest of the photos I'll probably only put up a few, but lucky you I have my flickr stream located on the bottom of this blog so you won't miss a single one! You can thank me later.

And in other news today I was a featured blogger on I'm honored, really, but it seems like an ego boost for those who have yet to really bloom in the world, in other words, the sorry losers who have like 3 friends. But I won't lie, I like the attention ;) 
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