Thursday, August 4, 2011

Winning Wednesday

First off, Happy August, the most uneventful month of the year! I kid, mostly because Jo thinks highly of it being his birthday month and all... But whateve's. Here are this weeks world of winnings:

Hurrah hurrah! And with the mobile internet stick we've been using ran out of data mere hours before the real deal wifi kicked in. Now I can blog, pin, facebook creep and job hunt my little heart out.
 (If that face doesn't properly exhibit the joy I feel, then I don't know what will)

Redhead matchboxes
I just got a big pack of these little matchboxes highlighting all the "big things" in Australia with these cool designs. These "big things" are just random and common Australian icons (ex. banana, prawn, Ned Kelly, ect) made into big plaster statues and placed alongside the long stretches of  highway to attract all sorts of tourist attention. It's a pretty silly, but that's why I believe it represents Australia even better. 

The block
I have finally discovered an original Australian show that hasn't be complete and utter crap (sorry Oz, but 85% of your shows are laaaame)! In fact, it's not only not crap, it's actually really good and has hooked me into referring 7pm as 7 o'block and either eating diner in front of the TV or making it earlier. 
It's basically four couples competing against each other and renovating old crappy houses room by room with weekly prize packages of goods or money to ease their strict budget and limited time. 
(sidenote: Josh&Jenna, before they started getting pissy, and Tonia&Rod are the faves)

Chaperone Dads
Two well-known Aussie Radio hosts (Hamish and Andy) used their gap year to travel the USA and made a TV show that debuted last Thursday. In it they had a hilarious interview with Taylor Swift where they dedicated a song to those "chaperone dads". 
Check it!

package from my mom
Now I got my beloved 5-finger shoes (they're amazing, trust me) that I fully intend to take runs on the beach. Along with those came pretty fabrics and my sewing book... now I just need a sewing machine!

Until I start getting sew savvy I present to you my latest little creations put up in my Etsy shop!  I know have a whopping six items. I know, I'm pretty exhausted after that lot, might just have to retire with the profits.

My (Temporary) Workspace
Impressive isn't it? This is where all the magic happens and would you believe I made it myself? 

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