Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday. yeah.

My student visa has been officially granted, I just attended orientation for my course and I was summoned back for a day two at the ice creamery. I think it's safe to say all is going well. Now for the weather to get the memo, it's back to it's nasty-ass cloudy and random rainy-ness. 

The good news about my course is that it only takes up two and a half days, leaving plenty of time to make some dollars and visit my crab friend on the beach. 

The good news about the job is that, compared to the last gig in Brissie, it's a cinch. I'm sure, come summer crowds, my mind might change, but at least it won't take 4 hours to clean-up

The good news about orientation is that it let out just before lunch time giving Jo and I the opportunity to devour some Oporto, which we very much took advantage of ;)

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