Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Even with a cloudy sky and forecast to rain, I did not let Jo back down on his promise to visit The Rocks Markets. Fortunately, said rain never came and we were able to fully emerge ourselves in the rows and rows of market stalls that flooded along several streets. Amongst all those stalls were some of the most well crafted, quality and unique goods. This was easily one the snazziest weekend markets I've been to. 

There was an unbelievable selection that teased my rather pathetic wallet. I did, however, cave and bought one of the items featured above (that will be revealed in a later post). Fortunately many of of my and Jo's finds were not all that expensive and may find there way inside our cozy home with future visits. 

For any of those planning on ever coming to Sydney, stop here to fulfill all your souvenir needs. There were lots of [very affordable] Sydney and Australia themed good from local artists and crafters. It's even in a super swanky area close to the heart of the city aaaand the harbour bridge and opera house. It's held every Friday, Saturday AND Sunday, so I better not see any of my fellow bloggers leave sydney with cheesy plastic keychains and snowglobes!
 I'm watching you...

 Along all those markets are lots of diverse, trendy, little cafes that neither of use could settle on for lunch. Mostly because when Jo gets hungry, he gets cranky. That being said anything crowded was eliminated, or 99.9% of said cafes. The night earlier he promised a nice lunch, again of which I didn't let him break. So when in doubt, what better than Wagamama's. 

Nothing. Exactly. And their veggie katsuma curry was delicious as always. 

THEN, to wrap up the evening, some miraculous happened. I had my very first Bubble'O'Bill. A year ago Jo promised to treat me with one the first day I came back from America, needless to say that never happened and since I've badgered him about it. 

Well, my friends, I scouted us a nearby vendor of said Bills and treated the ole buds to this Aussie classic. 

Oh yeah, and while we were chomping down on Bubble'O'Bills head it started to rain. 

Go figure. 

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