Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I need a dog.

First off, what actually inspired this post was For the Love of Blogs' photo contest theme of pets. How could I not show off my darling, dearest mutt, Sadie. If you agree, head on over and vote for me, will yah? She's number 25.

 Since I sadly am not anywhere near my pooch, I've had to dig these out of my achieves. But the first one is the selected photo for the contest.

Now into the part where I get all get all sappy because living that last three years sans pet is more sad than you think. Just last night I was on the Aussie Craigslist equivalent (Gumtree) and found a section where people where giving away  THE most adorable pooches. I gave Jo the pouty face and started getting angry at how difficult it is to rent a unit in Sydney that will actually allow pets. I couldn't find a single one in our criteria that would. 

Of course I'd prefer Sadie over anything. But that's another grand inconvenience. Since Australia has  very unique wildlife, it's a grueling and expensive process to fly your beloved pet over. Just think at least a good two and half thousand dollars and three months in quarantine with very seldom visiting hours. And before you can do any of that you have to go to all sorts of certified vet visits, shots, microchip them, arrange flights and so on. 

But honestly, if I could actually find accommodation that would allow a larger dog, I'd find a way. That dog is the coolest thing since sliced bread and knowing I've ditched her so many times since I've left for college makes me soooo guilty. 

While Jo and I were living in Queensland we figured a way we could afford renting a house that allows dogs, but that was scratched out as soon as we moved to Sydney. It's a major bummer. Heck, I'd even settle for a cat. But it looks like neither will be an option for at least the next 6 months while we're in Sydney.

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