Monday, October 10, 2011


Y'know, after you've done several 12+ hour flights an hour and a half on a plane flies by rather quickly, that pun very much intended...

And the extended weekend Jo and I just spent back in Brisbane seemed to have gone just as fast. We caught up with his folks, his peeps and went to his cousin's very lovely wedding, which happened to have landed on the only sunny day of our stay. How's that for luck?

As swell as I think Brissie is, I admit I have more of a fondness for Sydney and didn't mind the inevitable return. Although it was fun hearing the good 'ole Queensland accent again, especially when on a train going past Bowen Hills station where the platform is on the right (that combination of words being said by a train announcer is always the finest, and most amusing, example).

Anyway, I'm going to keep this brief since I'm pretty beat and have class in the morning. Yup, my break is over and the return of hours upon hours of trying to make myself look busy have returned.


[Note: please don't mind if the photo arrangement is a bit wonky, I currently have zero patience in dealing with it]
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