Saturday, October 20, 2012


Shortly after I landed in Cairns and was on my way to the city centre, I was hit with the news

The news that I would not be getting picked up in a sketchy looking van with a mattress in the back driven by a man who barely speaks my language. Okay I lie, his english is good, however I think I'm allowed a few insults seeing as the shock of the news left me in an absolute funk for the first few days while I was there. 

What was I doing during these moments of funk? Well after wandering around, finding all the best spots to sit and stare into the distance I eventually just started taking photos.  It's probably the least pathetic solo-activity I could come up with. 

Of course it ended up being a silver linning considering it's been ages since I've really taken a solid series of photos like these - being that they're completely avoiding of all human interaction as much as possible. 

All that photo taking was in-between looking at walls of pamphlets deciding what I'd be doing for the next week. Oh, and that one time I was sitting alone, again staring into space, in the darkest spot along the esplanade when I was invited by a shady dude with half his teeth to share some of his alcohol in his conveniently located apartment across the road. 

That was probably the most social interaction I had those couple I days and I think that's when I realized I really needed to snap out of it. 

Which I did with a visit to palm cove. But before I get to that;
enjoy my days of funk as illustrated in the photographs below. 


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