Thursday, June 20, 2013


The summer season at the new job is now officially rounding into full swing! These past couple weeks at Living Adventure have been some of the most exciting yet with a plethora of training, trip shadowing and groovy staff hang-outs.

Admittingly, the Bayfield/Apostle Island area is easily one of the most amazing hidden gems (I think Wisconsin, as a whole, is but this especially). I honestly had no idea the Apostle Islands and caves existed until a couple months ago... pretty sad considering I grew up only 5 hours away!

That being said, I've been keeping pretty busy exploring the area, mingling with the locals and learning more about kayaking than I ever could have imagined. I'm working with some seriously cool folks that have some crazy skills and experiences that I am incredibly envious of!

But hey, at least I get to spend the summer soaking-up all their knowledge and testing it out on one the greatest lakes there is! Keep reading/skimming/glancing to check out some of the trips I've been on thus far...

Mainland Sea Caves
They're baaasically the pride and joy of the area and for good reason. 
Paddling out and about these caves is pretty effin' cool. If you're lucky enough to go on a perfectly calm
 day you'll be able to duck in, out, around and through some some pretty stunning sea caves you never 
thought a giant, tandem, sea kayak would fit through. Along with the caves, I can almost guarantee you 
that you'll most likely have some bald eagle spottings. I have a hard time believing they were once 
endangered with how many I have already seen around the area. 

Bark Bay
There's no better way to paddle and experience this level of local wildlife & plant diversity.
This trip is only reserved for taking out folks when the conditions at the sea caves are too rough'n'tough for the newbs that generally make up those trips. It's a pity though since it is still gorgeous, especially if you take a liking to water fowl watching. While I was there, my group was able to paddle past two loons floating on the lake while bald eagles were soaring in the distance and a couple of cranes were chilling on the shore. It was one of those moments you could have stopped and stared for an eternity. 

 Staff Overnight
Getting out to explore the islands is definitely in the stars for me this summer. 
I was lucky enough to be able to tag along the first night of the staff overnight where we camped out on Oak Island and experienced the most incredible sunset. The next day a chunk of us left the others, who continued island hopping, and we checked out a bit of Basswood Island as well. The islands use to be a happening place once upon a time, but now most are in the transition of being kept away from human inhabitation (other than camping). Enough time has passed where getting to see nature take over the left-over relics is both nostalgic and stunning. 

That concludes my trips so far!

As per usual, my instagram is constanly being updated with photos from my trips, days on the Living Adventure base and life in Bayfield. So you should definitely check that our for more frequent activity on my summer happenings! 

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