Sunday, July 7, 2013



This first week of July has finally brought a slew of sunshine, tourists and heat. We went from wearing wool hats and coats in June to being hot, sweat messes this week with temps climbing easily into the 90's (35c), which is unbearable for the average Wisconsinite. I'm lucky to have years spent in Australia adapting to smoldering heat to the point where I actually enjoy a nice, sweat-induced nap in the sun. It's even more enjoyable now that I have a cold-as-ice, freshwater lake at my disposal. 

This nice weather came at a very convient time with the 4th of July and the prime, tourist weekend here. Work has been super busy with all available trips filling up and luckily we haven't had the weather drama like we had in June. Working in the office of a kayak outfitter is making me incredibly good at reading radars. 

The job also has connections to really cool peeps who have brilliant ideas and traditions such as paddling out into the lake, rafting our kayaks together and watching the fireworks light up directly in front of us. In the distance we could also clearly see the Madeline Island, Ashland and Red Cliff shows going off. It was easily the best 4th of July festivities I have taken part in so far. 

This week the annual Raceweek in Bayfield was held. What I believe to be, hundreds of sailboats added to the already gorgeous backdrop of Lake Superior and it's 21 islands. There have also been nightly concerts in the park and on the rooftop bar across the street from us, providing some good entertainment and people watching opportunities. 

The residents are also giving a big hallelujah as the main street construction in town has finally finished enabling myself and the rest of the town to sleep in past 7AM. I can now walk to my favorite shops without tripping over all the mounds of dirt and rope. Always a plus. 

So basically that's what I've been up to so far this month. 
I'd say it's been pretty neat. 
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