Sunday, October 6, 2013


Oh hey there!
Just thought I'd grace you all with a road trip update.

If you follow my Facebook page you know already that since Chicago we have explored a bit of the Lake Michigan shoreline of Wisconsin, also known as my hood. While meeting my family and visiting my favorite local places, it was around the time we heard word of the possibility of a national shutdown. We pretty much ignored the threat until it became official that it was happening. 

Having made plans for months to drive out west with all the main stops being National Parks and Monuments, we knew if nothing became resolved we would have to change our plans. Fortunately we had a few days planned in Minneapolis before having to make any major decisions, hoping the shutdown would end just in time to be able to continue on as scheduled and see the Badlands, Yellowstone, Rushmore, Arches and whatnots.
No luck.
As of right now we are in Canada. 

We decided to head up north from Minneapolis and make a Great Lakes tour instead. So far there have been some gorgeous surprises along the way with stopping in Bayfield for Applefest and crazy weather going on as we arrived in Duluth. 

It will definitely be a more spontaneous trip than originally planned with going out west, but I have good feelings about what is too come!

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