Wednesday, October 9, 2013


1. On the Trans-Canada Highway around Lake Superior /  2. Hiking Silver Falls  /   3. The big goose in Wawa

Greetings from on the road in Ontario!

So far Torsten and I have made it around to top of Lake Superior where we'll be wrapping up the night in Sudbury.  Our last days in Canada will be spent making our way to Toronto and then on to Niagara Falls. I have a feeling the days to come won't be quite as remote as what we have had so far.

While driving the north coast of Lake Superior we have had scenic outlooks and trails nearly to ourselves - which is amazing considering the incredible views we have been given with all the trees in full autumn color. The nights have been pretty chilly sleeping in the van, but the days are still perfect for hiking. 

Unfortunately we haven't had many animal sightings, just a bobcat crossing the road, almost stepping on a snake on a trail and of course gaggles of geese. While that is still pretty cool we have been having our hopes up with all the moose crossing signs on the road and warnings for bears in parks!

At least the weather is warming up again, there are plenty of Tim Hortons en route and still about an 8-hour stretch of highway in the Canadian wilderness to go!

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