Saturday, October 26, 2013

Three Rules of Borrowing a Van

            It has been several days since I have returned home from Torsten's and my roadtrip. I dropped him off at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago last Tuesday. Airport goodbyes in a long-distance relationship only seem to get harder each time. Now he is back in Germany packing up as he moves back home from Stuttgart to complete the last leg of his studies. 

        After I dropped him off I drove straight back home where I unloaded the van, cleaned-up and took a long nap while enjoying the simple, everyday commodities of indoor plumbing and wifi. While I cleansed myself of the accumulated filth that comes with sleeping in van outside of Walmarts for over three-weeks, I made sure to remember the three simple rules my Grandpa told me before he handed over the keys to his van...

             1. You left with a full tank, you will come back with a full tank. Check.

             2. The registration and insurance is in the center council next to the polka tapes. Okay.

             3. Do not wear out the polka tapes. Check.

         The terms could definitely have been worse. The van is now returned and probably being spotted all around the greater Green Bay and Manitowoc areas with the dashboard cow bobbing his head along to polkas. Torsten and I are back to Skype dates and text messages while we make plans for after his studies! Fingers are crossed until next spring. If all goes well we may never have to long-distance again!

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